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Treatment with anavar should hold a doctor who has experience treating HIV-infected patients. After opening the bottle store no more than 28 days at a temperature no higher than 30 ° C.
Patients should be informed about the danger of the simultaneous use of the drug with drugs without prescription, and that the  does not prevent the transmission of HIV through sexual contact or contaminated blood . Appropriate security measures.

Emergency prevention in the probability of infection According to international recommendations (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, USA, June 1998), with the likelihood of exposure to HIV infected material (blood, other fluids) is an urgent need for 1-2 hours from the moment of infection to appoint a combination therapy  . In the case of a high risk of infection in the treatment regimen must be included from the group of preparation of protease inhibitors. Prophylactic treatment is recommended for 4 weeks. Despite the rapid initiation of treatment with antiretroviral drugs, we can not exclude the development of seroconversion. The symptoms are mistaken for side effects of therapy , may be a manifestation of underlying disease or response to treatment with other drugs used to treat HIV infection. The relationship between symptoms developed, and the influence of the drug Retrovir ® is often very difficult to establish, especially in the developed clinical picture of anavar infection. In such cases, may decrease the dose of the drug or its cancellation. Does not cure  infection and patients remain at risk of developing opportunistic infections and malignancies, which is associated with immunosuppression.  Reduces the risk of developing opportunistic infections. At risk of data development of lymphomas in the background of the drug is limited.

Adverse reactions from hematopoietic system Anaemia (usually occurs within 6 weeks from the start of the use of  , but sometimes it can develop earlier), neutropenia (usually develops within 4 weeks from start of treatment with , but is sometimes used), leucopenia may occur in the later stages of  infection in patients receiving , especially in high doses (1200-1500 mg / day), and having a reduced bone marrow hematopoiesis before treatment. During ingestion  in patients with extensive clinical picture  infection should monitor hematologic parameters at least once every 2 weeks during the first 3 months of treatment and then monthly. In the early stages of HIV infection (when nondepleted reserves medullary hematopoiesis) adverse reactions on the part of the hematopoietic system are rare, so the common blood tests may be performed less often, depending on the overall condition of the patient (once in 1-3 months). If the hemoglobin content decreases  or the number of neutrophils is reduced to 0.75-1.0 x 10 9 / l, the daily dose  should be reduced to restore blood counts anavar canceled 2-4 weeks prior to the restoration of blood parameters. Normally, the blood picture is normalized after 2 weeks, after which at a reduced dose may be reappointed. Despite the reduction in the dose  with severe anemia may require blood transfusion. Radiation therapy enhances myelosuppressive effect of zidovudine. Lactic acidosis and severe hepatomegaly with steatosis These complications can be fatal as a monotherapy  , as well as when using the drug anavarn  in combination therapy. anabolic steroids online shop

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