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Levonorgestrel is rapidly absorbed (time for complete absorption of less than 4 hours). No first-pass effect through the liver. The bioavailability buy anavar of almost one hundred percent. Most levonorgestrel binds to plasma proteins, mainly albumin and globulins, sex steroid binding .

Achieve maximum concentration in the plasma of levonorgestrel (TSmax) was 2 h.Levonorgestrel half-life (T1 / 2) ranges from 8 to 30 hours (mean 16 hours). Levonorgestrel is excreted through the kidneys – 60% and intestine – 40% as metabolites (glucuronide and sulfate conjugates).Ethinyl estradiol Ethinyl estradiol is absorbed rapidly and almost completely. Ethinyl estradiol is inherent in first pass effect through the liver, TSmax is 1.5 hours. After oral administration the bioavailability of about 38-48%. Ethinylestradiol almost completely bound to plasma proteins, mainly albumin. Ethinylestradiol undergoes first-pass metabolism in the gut wall and liver. Active substances are metabolized in the liver. As ethinyl estradiol and metabolites (OH-2 and 2-ethinyl-methoxy-ethinyl estradiol) are allocated as conjugates (glucuronides and sulfates) buy anavar in the bile and undergo enterohepatic recirculation. The half-life 26 ± 6.8 hours. About 40% excreted through the kidneys and about 60% through the intestines. Both components (levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol) are excreted in breast milk.


– Contraception;
– Hormone functional menstrual disorders (including dysmenorrhea without organic cause, menorrhagia without organic cause, premenstrual syndrome).

Contraindications Individual hypersensitivity to the drug, pregnancy; lactation, liver failure, liver cancer; congenital hyperbilirubinemia (Gilbert syndrome, Dubin-Johnson and Rotor); cholelithiasis;cholecystitis; chronic colitis; the presence or indication of a history of severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular changes, thromboembolism and predisposition to them, decompensated heart defects;hormone-dependent cancers and genital mammary glands (including suspected them), especially breast cancer or endometrial cancer; violation of fat metabolism; congenital hyperlipidemia; uncontrolled hypertension moderate and severe with blood pressure 160/100 mm Hg and higher; diabetes mellitus heavy flow (accompanied by retinopathy and microangiopathy); sickle cell anemia; chronic hemolytic anemia; vaginal buy anavar bleeding of unknown etiology; migraine; otosclerosis (which worsened during previous pregnancy); idiopathic jaundice, heavy itching, herpes gestationis in history; pancreatitis (including history), accompanied by severe hyperlipidemia; jaundice due to medication containing steroids; smoking at the age of 35 years; age over 40 years. oral steroids where to buy testosterone how to get bodybuilder body danabol bodybuilding motivation chest bodybuilding steroide steroide wirkung legale steroide